Project Management is accomplished through the
use of processes such as initiating, planning, executing,
controlling,and closing. The PM process covers all
phases within the life cycle of any project.

A standard project will typically have the following phases:

- Initiate
- Plan
- Execute
- Control
- Close

Risk Monitoring and Control

Potential risks will be identified and documented by the PM at all stages of the project. Other members of the project can identify risks and convey them to the PM for necessary documentation. This document will be communicated to the members of the project team for necessary feedback and suggestions for planned monitoring and management of the identified risks.

The risk management document will be an online-shared document and must be updated throughout the project.

Cost Control

To manage the cost and monitor the budget, IAH PM’s will prepare the following documents in close communication with the Production Manager:
Estimated Project Costs: The actual cost budgeted with a breakdown of the cost for major categories are to be documented.

Actual Cost at Completion:

IAH Project Manager monitor the actual cost of completion to meet both customers' and IAH objectives.


After each project our documents and diagrams with test reports for each cable hard and soft copy will drive your site to always be up-to-date with the latest upgrades and give you the chance to continue the installation or do maintenance through any solutions provider.

Reorganization and rebuilt old network

We do the reorganization for the old site with short down time, including documents for all new design and labeling for each node (E2E).

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