About Us


International Arabian Hardware (IAH) is a leading provider of enterprise networking for today's information-driven economy.IAH was established in 2007 in Saudi Arabia concentrating on cable infrastructure consistent growth and development are being acquired based on the technology enhancements and market needs.

The company provides solutions to help your businesses and to protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding to Network-and host-based attacks quickly and efficiently. Increased productivity. efficiency and connectivity -these are the words that describe how businesses succeed in today's competitive market place. However, with all this connectivity comes the increased risk of attack through the same technology we all embrace.

As the numbers of security incidents continues to rise - network solutions are getting more and more attention because of their ability to detect and stop attacks before they begin. IAH Is a leading global provider of the IAH Secure line of leading network prevention, IAH detection and regulated information compliance products, as well as deployment technologies for the information-driven economy.

Securing your Business gives your company the competitive advantage to win.



Strong, win-win, long-term partnerships are the cornerstone of today’s winning organizations. IAH’s number one business goal is to mutually build strong relationships with our clients and strategic partners based on results. Through our strategic alliances we deliver turnkey solutions under our management and ensure successful project delivery.

Business First

IAH objective is to first and foremost resolve your business needs. Hence, our client engagement model is focused on understanding your business challenges then delivering a technology solution that addresses these challenges.


From our years of experience in the market we have built immense business and technology knowledge within our key sectors (Government, Telecom, Banking & Finance, Enterprise and Oil & Gas. Moreover, IAH blends its methodologies and best practices with the needs, culture and uniqueness of the local infrastructures.

Mission Critical

Trust, confidence, experience and expertise are all required when building and managing your most mission critical infrastructures. Many of our most successful projects have been in mission critical environments.