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Why Tutela Genesis 3

To fit the way you want to work, Tutela Genesis 3 was designed from the ground up for the life science and medical industries to be the most complete, robust, flexible and future-proof solution to temperature monitoring in medical and scientific facilities.

Genesis 3 gives you the reassurance that your investment in monitoring will protect your priceless assets, whether anyone is at your facility or not.

Genesis 3 is the most evolved system yet from Tutela. It is completely scalable from a single fridge to a fully integrated multi-fixture system across multiple sites - all visible from one web user interface.

Instant access – intuitive interfaces

The Tutela monitoring system is based around a really simple web-based graphical user interface (GUI). The interface is extremely intuitive and simple to use with minimal training and, by using web-based technology, data and records are securely accessible through the Tutela GUI 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web-browser.

  • Compliance.
  • Electric audit trails.
  • Intuitive and informative.
  • Remote programmability.
  • Monitor multiple fixtures.
  • Detailed alarm incident reporting.
  • Access and act on data on any device anywhere in the world.
  • Integrate and report multiple locations.
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy Installation
  • Validated and compliant
  • Wide range of sensor probes
  • Highest levels of data security
  • Remote data recording & storage
  • Intuitive web interfaces and dashboards
  • Fully manned 24/7 alarm response centre

Secure and resilient

At Tutela, we understand how precious stored samples can be, often many years of literally priceless research samples are being monitored, and this is behind our pursuit of the highest levels of data security and redundancy.

  • Data stored in the WARP for 30 years.
  • UPS power backup in the WARP.
  • Data Stored in Sensor Modules for up to 7 days.
  • Battery in Sensor Modules last up to 5 years.
  • Data held off-site on secure, mirrored servers for up to 30 years.

Protecting your assets 24/7

Remote Alarm Bureau

Being fully manned, the Tutela remote alarm bureau staff will contact client nominated personnel with any deviation from the norm to ensure that you can take action before it becomes a problem. Contact is available via any combination of phone, text and email.


Only Tutela offers this level of flexibility

Being entirely web-based and wireless, installation requires minimal local IT integration or support; NHS clients appreciate the N3 Cloud integration out of the box.

  • WARP and transmitter models are all designed to be discreet and easily installed.
  • Easily configured for multi fixture, multi- site organisation.
  • Seamless upgrade path to add monitored units, departments and/or locations.
  • Simple to add remote alarming facilities.

Total compliance

Total peace of mind

Through our rigorous data security protocols, that include mirrored servers, coupled with our 24/7 global data access via web-browser interfaces; our customers enjoy unprecedented data security, access and control of their medical monitoring processes.

Compliant with regulatory bodies and medical associations including MHRA, NHS, FDA, BBTS, NBS, NHSBT.

Fully meets the exacting requirements of the FDA CFR 27 part 11.

Tutela IT servers and databases are regulated and managed through the Company’s ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

Flexible & Scalable
Integrated Hardware Solution

Wireless Alarm Receiver Panel (WARP)

The hub of the system, the WARP is a discreet panel giving you all you need from your monitoring system at a glance.

Displays data from up to 254 sensors.

Connected via wireless transmitter modules.

Built-in 7 hour UPS.

Holds your crucial data for 30 years.

Wireless Transmitter Modules

Feeding data to the WARP, each wireless transmitter module supports up to 2 sensors calibrated to ISO 17025 standards.

Each module stores data for 7 days.

On-board battery supply provides up to 5 years operation.

Full range of sensors for all monitoring needs. including GN2, CO2, O2, DPS

T-Mesh - Self Healing Network

If the WARP is the hub of the system, T-Mesh is the glue which holds the system together - a self healing network.

Signal repeater modules (wireless and/or Ethernet based) will automatically seek and connect an alternative signal path to the WARP unit.

T-Mesh system ensures there is always a signal path between each sensor and the WARP.

Integrated Monitoring on the Move

Ensure complete compliance integrity across the supply chain during transportation with the Tutela Transport Data Logger (TDL).

Simple to use and equipped with an informative visual display screen.

Instant reports at the point of delivery.

Internal or external probes available.

36 month battery life.